If the x-ray says you’re alright, are you?

There are many different types of pain that you can experience. And when you do have a problem, the most probable route for you to take will be to consult your general medical practitioner. He will prescribe you either NSAID’s drugs or send you for an x-ray, or both…

It is understandable that you’ll end up using the drugs as the only cure too your problem, since there was no evidence that anything is wrong from the x-ray. You’re also in doubt of your own mental health, since you have pain and the doctor says you don’t.

Pain can be classified in nociceptive pain and neuropathic pain. But first let’s look at the different causes of pain.

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Active isolated stretching – group sessions

Dear Stretch therapy client

It is spring time again, I am sure you  can feel it in your muscles.  It’s the time everyone feel like exercising again and get into that summer body you always wanted. You want to jump, run outside and stretch towards the sun’s radiance.

Feeling healthy is truly a blessing we all should cherish while you still have it.

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PURE whey protein special

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Whey Protein is excellent for muscle repair and muscle recovery.  Some people may enjoy their Whey over their cereal/oats in the morning, or simply as a shake.  Others may prefer to take their Whey Protein after exercising.

  • GOOD News: We are  running our SPECIAL on the Whey Protein CREAMSODA and BANANA flavours for yet another month, but NOW for only R340 excl vat,  Don’t delay, order TODAY! – Offer valid until 30th September  2013, contact us on admin@stretchingsa.co.za

Exercise increases amino acid requirements which are, in turn, replenished through protein degradation/muscle breakdown. This can lead to losses in both muscle size and strength and as a result, decreased physical performance.

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Do you seem to find a solution to your injury?

You sustained a minor injury some years ago, it was only a slight bump, a slip down the stairs or a car hitting your vehicle from the back. Initially you had no pain, but as time goes on it seems that the light niggle you had has transformed into a pain that you are more aware of when sleeping at night. You went to your doctor and he prescribed you some drugs, but after the medication was finished the pain came back. As you went back to the physician again he recommended you to see a physiotherapist. After 5 sessions of rubbing, heat and electronic devices it felt better. But as time goes by the pain came back again. The physiotherapy treatment had an effect for only a few weeks, but wasn’t enough. Something else has to be done. Now at this point people will go through numerous processes of denial and acceptance. You will se a specialist, you will get scans done, you will have a alternative healer doing special rituals to you, to say the least, you’ll do anything to get this pain away. BUT NOTHING REALLY HELPS….  and finally you’ll succumb to surgery.

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Dont miss out on group stretching instruction at stretchingSA

Throughout our work on numerous athlete’s and patients with chronic pain, it became evident that there should be a system in place how to educate and empower you to do some of your stretching on your own. By learning how to do AIS, you will be able to maintain up to 80% of your own flexibility. And leave me the stretch therapist with considerable less work to do every time the pain comes back!

For only R100 an hour, these sessions will be available at Studio innate in the centurion gate center. Contact admin@stretchingsa.co.za for more information.

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