Do you seem to find a solution to your injury?

You sustained a minor injury some years ago, it was only a slight bump, a slip down the stairs or a car hitting your vehicle from the back. Initially you had no pain, but as time goes on it seems that the light niggle you had has transformed into a pain that you are more aware of when sleeping at night. You went to your doctor and he prescribed you some drugs, but after the medication was finished the pain came back. As you went back to the physician again he recommended you to see a physiotherapist. After 5 sessions of rubbing, heat and electronic devices it felt better. But as time goes by the pain came back again. The physiotherapy treatment had an effect for only a few weeks, but wasn’t enough. Something else has to be done. Now at this point people will go through numerous processes of denial and acceptance. You will se a specialist, you will get scans done, you will have a alternative healer doing special rituals to you, to say the least, you’ll do anything to get this pain away. BUT NOTHING REALLY HELPS….  and finally you’ll succumb to surgery.

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