Active isolated stretching – group sessions

Dear Stretch therapy client

It is spring time again, I am sure you  can feel it in your muscles.  It’s the time everyone feel like exercising again and get into that summer body you always wanted. You want to jump, run outside and stretch towards the sun’s radiance.

Feeling healthy is truly a blessing we all should cherish while you still have it.

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PURE whey protein special

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Whey Protein is excellent for muscle repair and muscle recovery.  Some people may enjoy their Whey over their cereal/oats in the morning, or simply as a shake.  Others may prefer to take their Whey Protein after exercising.

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Exercise increases amino acid requirements which are, in turn, replenished through protein degradation/muscle breakdown. This can lead to losses in both muscle size and strength and as a result, decreased physical performance.

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