Carla Swart always had a passion for the requirements of functional movement. After matriculation, she started a journey at ETA College in 2019, achieving a Diploma as an Exercise Specialist. In 2021 Carla further expanded her horizons and qualified as a massage therapist in holistic massage, aromatherapy and sports massage. She completed a Physiology and Anatomy course through the wellness institution Healing Hands.


Carla came upon StretchingSA and knew it was exactly what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She completed practical and theoretical in-depth training in 2021-2022, in that time she saw the true meaning of Active isolated stretching.


Carla works in association with StretchingSA Pretoria-East. She is currently appointed as a stretch therapist at StretchingSA Pretoria-East and received thorough theoretical and practical training at StretchingSA.


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