375x321_managing_sore_muscles_and_joint_pain__featuresTrauma and overuse is definitely the biggest factor in muscle stiffness and injuries, which will in turn lead to further imbalances in the body. Muscles have the capacity to be stretched up to 1.6 times their resting length.

However, muscles tear and rupture beyond this length. All muscle tears result in bleeding at the site of the tear. Bleeding promotes scar tissue formation, which is how the body naturally heals itself. The scar tissue is stiff and non-flexible unlike the normal muscle tissue. Wherever flexibility is compromised, muscle weakness and muscular contractures develop. (Myers, T.W. 1997)

The change of occurrence of any type of physical injury can be decreased significantly when engaging in a proper stretching program, as well as formation on ineffective scar tissue formation after any injury can be completely eliminated with AIS. Due to its unique technique and physiological approach, this would be the best method in the world for effective restoration of soft tissue injuries, increased blood flow, and removal of toxins and oedema.