Relieve Back pain


Stretch Therapy helps to relieve back pain
Relieve Back pain

Stretch Therapy and Active Isolated stretching helps to relieve back pain


Modern day lifestyles with sedentary work in front of computers and leisure pursuits that lack physical activity, coupled with unhealthy nutritional habits, have contributed to aching back muscles in most people. Maintaining an upright posture is the job of your back muscles and the bones of the spine, and causes of aching, pain, and soreness in the back could be anything from bad posture to an injured muscle or ligament caused by stretching or lumbar strain. Other causes of aching back muscles include nerve irritation caused by degeneration of the discs between the vertebrae or by diseases like shingles and inflammation of the joints because of arthritis.

Obesity could be one of the reasons for back pain and losing weight reduces the strain on the spine and relieves back pain gradually.

Getting adequate rest is the first step in healing your aching back. Lying flat on a firm mattress helps relieve the pain and allows the body to recoup; it also helps remove the strain from the backbone and the surrounding muscles.

Specialized mattresses are available in the market for those with chronic back pain. One question that most people seem to ask frequently is about the safety of doing aching back exercises when one has a sore back. Stretching and muscle strengthening exercises are a vital part of any exercise program designed to be a part of back pain remedies.

People also wonder about massages that are given to relieve aching back muscles, particularly deep tissue massages that can sometimes leave a little soreness because of the realignment of the fibers that make up a muscle. Acupuncture is also known to be of help as a natural back pain relief therapy for those who do not wish to take medication or for those immobilized by severe pain.

People who have tried active isolated stretching and its controlled back pain stretches swear by them and use them to strengthen their back, neck and shoulder muscles. Since muscle pain is the result of rigidity and lack of exercise, active isolated stretching poses aim to improve flexibility of the muscles with a combination of contraction of opposing muscles. In addition, active isolated stretching’s breathing exercises serve to improve oxygen supply to the muscles in the body, thereby increasing their vitality. A trained Stretch instructor can help those with aching back muscles create a personalized set of stretches that can help make the spine more flexible and stress-free.

Aquatic therapy uses the soothing power of water and the feeling of weightlessness caused by the buoyancy of water to heal aching back muscles. The strain of weight bearing is reduced on the joints, and performing exercises to stretch muscles and improving the range of movement in stiff joints becomes easier when floating in a pool, a Jacuzzi, or tub of warm water. Massaging jets of water also help relieve back pain.

For immediate relief, many people find heat pads to be effective. Applying an electric heating pad and using an infra red light for pain relief are other options that are available. For those who can lie down and rest and apply a heating pad or use an infra red lamp, the effect may be better. It is useful too use ice in combination of heat. Alternating between the two for 2-3 time of 5 minutes each.

It is ultimately a question of making the right lifestyle changes and managing the pain for those with chronic back ache. Those who work with computers or those who have desk jobs that involve sitting through the day can adopt desk exercises that involve stretching and strengthening muscles in the back, limbs and neck so that they remain flexible. Getting up and walking around at least three times every hour improves blood circulation and ensures that the muscles get a good supply of oxygen.

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