For the professional who demands reliability and precision from all their staff for bike fits. This will ensure a superior service to the athletes and recreational riders they fit out.

For the individual professional who wants the job done quicker, using the right tools. Offering an additional function that references automatically to the vertical, so you don’t have to align this first. Ask us about the Auto Vertical function, not seen in any other tool.

Fast, repeatable, accurate measures. Used in Elite sports to deliver the best bike fit available.

Accurate bike fits require experience, patience, and the right tools. Controlling all the variables is the key and the human body is highly variable. Our technology assists us in determining joint angles and ensuring components are level, in a more intuitive way than a goniometer would. I can set the device to vertical and accurately measure with respect to this reference point. Gravity plays an important role in biomechanics, so being able to reference angles to the vertical is very helpful.

(Greg Kerr from Precision Bike Fit at Horizon Physio – Australia)