Osteokinematic Assessment (OKA)

To get a more in-depth evaluation of the body’s alignment and future potential for injury, our Stretch Therapists will perform an Osteokinematic Assessment (OKA) to assess alignment and symmetry in the mobility of the neck, upper back, and lower back regions. The OKA is like assessing the frame of a car to diagnose reductions in performance related to certain misalignments. It measures specific spinal range-of-motion deficiencies. This evaluation identifies changes in the curves in three areas of the spine and further measures how they flex, extend, rotate, and bend.

The areas of the spine include the Neck (Cervical), Upper Back (Thoracic) and Lower Back (Lumbar). The OKA also measures the angles of the Pelvis, First Rib and SCM (Neck Musculature).

It’s a state of the art, intuitive platform that interprets the evaluation data for our professionals.

The software we use is created by algorithms that categorize each measurement as a SEVERE, MODERATE or IDEAL percentage of normal function. With this software, we can effortlessly evaluate anybody to identify imbalances, asymmetries and possible hidden sources of functional limitations. It allows us to select recommended stretches and mobilizations specific for each individual based on unique data their body provides to us via a complete evaluation with cutting-edge new technology.

We can then assign each and every patient with a recommended flexibility and mobility exercise program with complete video and documented examples AND track the patient's progress as to commence on this program.

This will allow the patient to return to their greatest level of functional performance in the most effective and efficient way possible. We will measure more than 70 biometrics to determine both isolated and integrated restrictions, asymmetries and sources of pain. We then produce a very detailed report on the biometrics obtained, dramatically increasing patient, client, and athlete engagement.