To the Physiotherapist or Biokineticist. Our technology was designed by our Australian Physiotherapy team for you. This industry is competitive, and you need to present and practice with the best tools available to separate from competing professions. The manual or standard goniometer is over 40 years old and when used between two therapists has an error of up to 35 degrees. Good enough for your profession? No. Absolutely not. If your clinic, hospital, the practice has more than one therapist then you have an inter-rater issue: Error between your therapists when measuring joints. This is the very problem StretchingSA has solved. Patients report feeling a greater sense of trust with you when you are using us for your specific assessments because they can see it is the latest technology. In their minds, you are using the best tools which translate to patients feeling you offer a superior level of care. Besides superior benefits of using StretchingSA for all your ROM assessments, such as the 1 degree of accuracy and the ability to capture any joint range in less than 5 seconds. Trust is key in keeping the patient, private client, returning to your practice. With our new comprehensive software, you will now earn trust and loyalty more than ever. This software will not only give you current and previous assessments, but also a full comparison to each assessment done, areas of improvement and a home exercise program with an APP, so each patient can simply log in to their own program with you.

We know how it feels, there is just not enough time to learn another method or to get to use another tool, that’s why we are here for you. With StretchingSA having more than 15 years’ experience in this field, we are here to solve all your ROM needs.

Our device’s intra and inter-rater reliability is 0.99 !! intra-rater reliability means that if the same person takes the same measurement multiple times the measurement will be repeatable within 1degree!

The accuracy of our technology is a stark contrast to the goniometer, the goniometer can produce intra and inter-rater variances of up to 35 degrees, an error of 35 degrees in measurement can easily lead to a misdiagnosis. When using a goniometer, you as the professional always had to eyeball or guestimate the alignment of the goniometer’s arms with anatomical landmarks – because the goniometer’s arms are limited in length. With our all-new laser measurement, all anatomical landmarks can be easily measured, and no more eyeballing will be needed.

In Short, using StretchingSA for your ROM needs saves time, produces repeatable results within 1 degree of accuracy, get access to easy to read and very detailed reports, reduce human error and is ergonomically much easier on you as a physiotherapist/biokineticist.