Hans de Wit is a qualified sport massage therapist (2002), sport and exercise technologist(2003),and accredited Mattes stretching therapist(2005). He studied at the Tshwane University of Pretoria and received a diploma in 2002, and continued in obtaining a B-Tech degree in sport science and exercise physiology 2003. He received personal education from Aaron L. Mattes in 2005, and gained experience at his clinic in Sarasota, Florida, in the USA. De Wit is a member of the South African Sports Medicine Association, and affiliated to StretchingUSA


He currently directs stretching & rehabilitation clinics in Gauteng, North West and Western Cape South Africa. De Wit has been working for 15 years as a Stretch Therapist. After working in stretch therapy for more than 10 years, de wit has founded the StretchingSA franchise, that gives anybody working and/or studying in the physical health care sector e.g. health workers, massage therapists, sport scientists, alternative remedial therapists and sport therapists a wonderful business opportunity in pursuing a career as a stretch therapist. Should you be interested please contact us on for more information.

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