Hayley Elcombe studied BA Sports management, coaching and sports psychology. She also completed the exercise specialist diploma and electro muscular stimulation certificate. She has a passion for teaching and helping others and even taught English internationally as a qualified TEFL certified teacher.


Hayley has a sound knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and exercise science. With her strong believe in personal growth and attaining a healthy lifestyle, she is highly capable in taking anyone through the rehabilitation process StretchingSA has to offer.


In 2008, she was accepted into a specified sports academy and got advanced education in human physical movement, advanced nutrition, and specialized exercise modules. In her career as an elite athlete, Hayley learned to adapt to new training programs which included weight training, stretching, resistance training, running, and swimming. Hayley has been coaching youngsters in swimming and hockey since 2016.

Hayley also completed her first aid level 1 and 2 and worked in the sports arena in first aid for many years, this is where she discovered her love for helping people and dedication, and how to get the right results.


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