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Please find all the home active isolated stretching exercises that you will need. However, we will always advise you to see a stretch therapist before commencing any of these exercises. Home exercises are suitable for the maintenance of a body structure that had been balanced and mobilized with a program of stretch therapy.

We estimate that the difference between self-stretching and stretch therapy can be up to 50%, with home stretching you can only access an approximate 40% of your muscles, tissue, fascia and joint structures. with stretch therapy there is someone else applying torque's and angles that cannot be done on your own, giving the joint and surrounding structures mobility of up to 90%.

If you have pain, do not commence in any exercises on your own. Always see a stretch therapist prior to doing any of these exercises. We would like to thank Adarsh Williams from SMART STRETCH ( for giving us the honour of using all his videos on these stretching exercises.