Louretha Jacobs is a qualified Health Practitioner and a qualified Stretch Therapist. She studied at the Institute of Natural Health (INH) and received a diploma in Health Sciences in 2012, and continued in obtaining a diploma in Health Practitioning in 2013. During 2015 she has received intensive training in stretch therapy.


Louretha works in association with StretchingSA and currently directs a StretchingSA Clinic in Montana, Pretoria. Louretha has 4 years experience working in the therapeutic setting. She is committed to provide the highest quality of care and enjoys engaging people in the process of positive change.


Louretha became a therapist to help people to experience better quality of life by enhancing their performance and improving their physical health. Working within the field of stretching she can testify that Active Isolated Stretching provides phenomenal and remarkable results.

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