How did you come across or hear about Stretching SA?
A friend told me about Stretching SA Faery Glen.

What type of help or treatment did you receive before Active Isolated Stretching (stretch therapy)
I’ve been taking Anti-inflammatory drugs since October last year. At the beginning of this year I went to my GP and she also treated me with Anti-inflammatory drugs. The drugs had no affect and the GP referred me to an orthopedic surgeon.

What was your condition and reason for seeking treatment?
I’ve hurt my rotator cuff last year October during boot camp.

What results did you experience with stretch therapy…
I had only two sessions of stretching and my rotator cuff is completely healed. I have no pain, no discomfort what so ever.

Liezel, would you be so kind in sharing your progress with us in a few short paragraphs….
I’ve been struggling with my shoulder (rotator cuff) since October 2014. I’ve experienced a lot of pain and discomfort especially when I sleep at night. I’ve been taking inflammatory drugs and rubbing my shoulder with stuff but nothing helped. At the beginning of 2015 I went to see my GP. She said it was my rotator cuff and she will prescribed inflammatory drugs that I must use for two weeks. After two weeks there was no improvement. The GP then referred me to see an Orthopedic surgeon. It was at this stage that I told a friend about it and she referred me to stretching SA in faerie glen. I went for two sessions with Ryno van den Berg the Stretch Therapist . The pain and discomfort stopped completely . My rotator cuff is completely healed. I would recommend anyone with chronic pain to go for stretch therapy…

Liezel Vermaas