I would like to take this opportunity to share with you how StretchingSA (AIS) has been beneficial to me and how much it has helped my life and injuries. I used to be a rugby player and went on with normal conditioning on the field and at a gym. I have been struggling with a nerve pain down my arm since I can remember. This pain I experience comes and goes and are triggered while I am busy sleeping or being active. When I experience this pain it really feels like my whole arm is busy going numb and the sudden sensation of pins and needles affects the way of my daily routines.

Over the years I have been going under different methods of  treatments and for most of them it felt like it made my numbness worse. Since the consultation with Louretha, we have established that not only was my Rotary cuff a source of the problem, but also the neck muscles. Having just one session with her chanced the numbness effect of my arm drastically.

Since I’ve done a recovery program with Louretha weekly, the pain and numbness down my arm is almost gone completely. I can truly recommend Louretha, StretchingSA Montana, to anyone that is struggling with all sorts of pain.

Thank you Louretha for all you patience, healing support and Stretch therapy!

Kindest Regards
André Verster