My problem with my knees started about 10 months ago.  At the time I was quite healthy, walking about 3 km every day and did mild exercises at the gym.

My knees started to hurt, it felt like the pain started overnight, the pain was in the muscles, not the joints or bones. I had difficulty walking and getting up straight . I visited my GP, and I started with cortisone, anti-inflammatory and pain medication.  The pain got worse, and I got more and stronger medicine.  I also started with physiotherapy, it helped a little, but after 2 weeks, the pain was still very intense.  I was in constant pain all the time, and could no longer walk without crutches. I went to see an internist and was admitted to the hospital for pain medication and more cortisone. A lot of blood tests and X-rays were taken, no specific diseases were diagnosed. One doctor thought the pain was reflected from my hips, another doctor thought it originated from my lower back. 

I stopped with all pain medication, and decided to try a more holistic approach.

I started with sport therapy and reflexology, that helped me a lot up to a point. 

Then I found Stretching SA, this treatment started to work after only a few treatments. I started to experience permanent mobility in my knees again. After only 3 months of two sessions a week, I could walk normal and are pain free.  My knees are still a little stiff, but I will be continuing my treatments till it is 100% supple again. Ryno from Stretching SA really changed my life, thank you, Ryno.

Annette Steenekamp