I am 57 years of age and have been suffering from moderate to severe joint pain in my right hip for at least three years, before I started with stretching therapy with Ryno van den Berg four months ago. Due to the agonizing, numbing pain in the joint of my hip, resulting from the normal pressure when turning onto my right side at night, my sleep was greatly affected. Furthermore, moderate exercises such as climbing stairs and bending were also restricted and difficult at times.

Recovery of my flexibility was painful at the time, but truly worthwhile, as I am now even able to sit cross-legged on the floor without discomfort, and my right hip is as flexible as the other once again!

From my own experience, I can, with great confidence, recommend Ryno as a very professional and helpful therapist, as well as the stretching technique, that focuses on stretching the surrounding muscles and ligaments in order to improve mobility and decrease pain. Thank you Ryno for your gentle, yet firm approach that brought great results!

Carina Nel