Two months ago I was thrown from a horse, landing on my side and injuring my hip. I had hoped to walk it off, but by the next afternoon realised professional treatment might be in order. Ryno from Stretching SA Pretoria East agreed to squeeze in an appointment at 17:00 on a Friday, which speaks to his dedication and care for his patients.

When we started our sessions, I was in immense pain. I couldn’t walk up or down stairs without supporting myself on the railing, I struggled to stand up after sitting down, and I couldn’t get out of bed unassisted. After only a few sessions, I got back on the horse. My hip still wasn’t back to normal, but I wasn’t in pain anymore. Now, after completing 12 treatments, I ride, go to the gym, golf, and cycle, all without issues.

I’m extremely grateful to Ryno, not only for his services, but also his motivational words and encouragement during each treatment. I’m convinced that I am stronger than ever thanks to his help. I highly recommend Stretching SA to anyone.

Catharina Basch