I am a 60-year-old male that is very active. I swim gym and cycle 5 days a week. About 4 months ago I developed a shoulder issue that my chiropractor and specialist physio could not remedy.

My Son who is a crossfitter said he saw StretchingSA on the internet and maybe I should try them…my shoulder issue halted my training totally. Out of pure desperation I told the chiro to please manipulate my shoulder, but he insisted the problem was originating from my neck…. I called Gary and he came to see me.

He set up his table and started working on my problem shoulder… in no time at all he had my shoulder moving easily and whilst holding a stretch position for a few seconds my shoulder CLICKED as if it was out of joint…This was what I expected my chiro to do but couldn’t accommodate me. Gary also advised me on an inexpensive over the counter anti-inflammatory that I took for one day.

The next day my shoulder was 90% better…I am sold on STRETCHINGSA…I will never go back to a chiro or physio for such issues…I highly recommend them… THANK YOU STRETCHSA AND GARY!

Clive Green