When I first got to Haley my stretch therapist I was sitting with lots of back problems that I’ve been experiencing for 3 years, I went to physiotherapy and chiropractors and they all had the same thing to say, and that was you need to stretch, but instead of stretching me they gave me lots of massages and stuff that didn’t work. And even though they said I need to stretch, no one took the effort of stretching me or showing me.

But when I met Haley and started my journey with her it was obvious within the 1st week that I was at the right place!!! My back pain almost immediately dissapeared! My flexibility and mobility increased and seeing that I’m a strongman competitor it’s of great cause to be mobile and flexible because of the weight that our bodies has to endure!

Within 2 weeks my weight that I was shifting increased in great numbers! For example my squad went up from 220kgs to 300kgs! I would recommend stretching therapy to anyone and especially to athletes who is serious about their sport!

Keep it real and injury free and get yourself a stretch therapist! Get Haley she’s really one of the best I’ve worked with!??

Deon Fourie (Strongman Competitor)