In my sport you train hard for hours everyday and your body takes a lot of stress and strain, training 6 days a week it is logical to think that your body will not perform at the same level of intensity the whole time. At some time something is going to go wrong in the body, usually the muscles are the first to give in. I used to go for conventional treatments to sort out my niggles, but the results never lasted for long, it would be a week or two then I had to be back for another treatment. I always had problems with my hamstrings, quads, lower back and hips. I could not get full range of motion while turning in the ring.. I have been to many doctors and conventional treatment therapies to sort out the problem, but none have been successful.

Then I discovered Ryno van den Berg at Stretching SA. After 4 sessions I could feel and see a difference in my throwing technique and my hamstrings are a lot more flexible. I can touch my toes now, which was something I could never do before. The stretching therapy really works and I have not had one injury since. Ryno can stretch every muscle and mobilize nerves in the body.

My strength is better and my throws are better which leads to better distances for me.

I would recommend this stretching therapy to anyone with muscular or nerve problems, it really works.

Dewald van Heerden
Springbok Discus Athlete