So I got Hayley’s number from a squash friend of mine. “She sorted out my son quickly, stretched him so thorough he can never get injured again,” my friend said to me. I was getting regular injuries from playing too much squash, so I was desperate in need of some attention.

This stretching thing sounded quite intimidating, “It might be painful”, “I may not survive the session”, and similar thoughts of this nature come up in my mind. Not being able to play squash gave me the courage to make the call, my best decision so far this year.

Friendly and professional, a really pleasant surprise awaited me. Being around to biokinetics, physiotherapists and sports massages, this is a totally new angle on prevention and recovering of injury for me. I’ve been for a couple of sessions since, and the results are so encouraging that I will be a loyal patient in the future.

I was so impressed that I brought my daughter along; she was struggling with a serious knee injury. Hayley’s assessment was spot on, her treatment even better. With every session, the stretching becomes easier, so much so that I am actually looking forward to my next session.

Sincere concern makes me feel special every time, I won’t tell her this, but her friendly smile makes every visit worthwhile. So, even in this lockdown period, we can still continue stretching with her virtual sessions, becoming agile again just moved to a new dimension for me, I can only be grateful!

Dewald van Tonder