I have been receiving stretch therapy at StretchingSA from the *18th March 2023* the day of Om Die Dam Ultra 50km, after which my knees were swollen and in so much pain. 

My dream of running Comrades this year have been hanging in the balance to put it lightly. I’ve tried Crossfit, physiotherapy and biokinetics, although it helped, I just couldn’t get rid of my niggles and pain. 

So, I’ve started coming for regular weekly stretch therapy with Monica from StretchingSA Roodepoort. 

I had pains down the back of my legs due to tight glutes and knots in my glutes and my knees would swell after every long run. In addition, due to my work as a beauty therapist I am also on my feet the whole day for 5 to 6 days a week, which didn’t help. Thanks to AIS stretch therapy and in particular trigger point release done by Monica, I’ve been able to not just finish *Comrades 2023*, but also improved my PB by 30min with hardly any serious pain or niggles. 

I was so so thankful for all the work and time Monica has put in to help me run the ULTIMATE HUMAN RACE. 

In the month of September, I ran and 40km training run with hardly any swelling on my knees. So i decided to run Kaapschehoop Marathon on the 4th November and what a Race. My knees are much better and not swollen after runs or after a day’s work anymore. The pain in my knees is completely gone know it’s just to keep the strength and work on that. 

I would definitely recommend stretch therapy with Monica to anyone who is suffering from chronic pain and muscle spasms, especially related to having a physical job and active lifestyle. She helped me to realize my dreams and ensured all the hard work I have put it wasn’t for nothing and also to continue with my desired active lifestyle.

I Thank Monica every day from the day I have meet you at Om Die Dam you have really changed my life. 

Duené Munger