In 2015 I ruptured my left Achilles tendon. After the first operation wasn’t successful, I was operated again, and a piece of my calf muscle was used to rebuild my Achilles tendon. I spent 18 weeks in a cast and another 12 weeks in a moonboot. Rebuilding muscle and regaining movement in my ankle took several months of exercise and stretching.

I worked closely with a physiotherapist and later, a biokineticists and performed all exercises given to me daily. I got stronger but still struggled with pain, flexibility and movement which meant that my hips and back took strain to accommodate my unnatural way of walking. I met with Ryno at StretchingSA and after a couple of months I regained the full range of movement in my ankle and calf muscle. He also assisted to loosen and stretch other muscles that had been overworked which really assisted to complete my rehabilitation. I have full range of movement, I can run, hike, and enjoy outdoor activities the way I used to. I am very grateful that my path crossed with StretchingSA as I had become despondent. Today I can attest to the methods used and recommend Ryno and the team to anyone that struggles with chronic muscle and ligament pain.

Francois Blom