I presented to StretchingSA for a free consultation session with an old injury from ice skating as well as neck/shoulder pain from poor posture and work stress.

In a few sessions, the neck pain was completely taken care of and shoulder mobility restored.

During the course of treatment, we uncovered an older deep hip injury that had not healed properly. This had also played a role in causing additional tightness and weaknesses throughout due to the body’s own compensation mechanism. This would not have been discovered if not for the treatment with Ryno at Stretching SA and would definitely have led to further injuries, movement inhibition and an overall poorer quality of life.

As a relatively active young man of 27 with a long healthy life ahead of me, leaving this untreated was simply not an option.

With persistent treatment, we went from barely being able to open the hip due to intense pain and tightness to being able to open fully with barely any discomfort.

I am still seeing the results of this improvement showing itself in different areas of my body’s mobility, flexibility, strength and balance, as well as in my self-confidence as an individual.

I am extremely grateful for the work done by Ryno, his patience, and energetic optimism during the whole process.

I would recommend him to anyone, and especially to any professional or casual athlete/gymnast/dancer who has old or new injuries that were require attention or have unexplained weaknesses and tightness you struggle to overcome.

I am living proof that the process works. And I am excited for the future, and continuous growth, and work with Ryno at Stretching SA at pushing my limits and discovering all that my body is capable of.

Gideon Scheepers