Ryno van den Berg of Stretching SA mentioned stretch therapy to me when I was in pain, so I Googled it. I had lower back and severe hip pain. I had trouble sleeping, could not walk for long distances, stand for long periods of time, or even travelling long distances by car was very painful. I was on pain medication.

About 25 years ago, it was suggested that I should consider having a hip replacement done. I decided then that I was too young , that I will use medication and would live with the pain forever, rather than having my hip be replaced! Through the years at periods of time the pain appeared and disappeared, and it grew part of my daily living.

Two years ago the pain became so severe, and then decided to make an appointment with the Orthopeadic Surgeon again. He increased my pain medication and also added medication for osteoperosis.

One morning two months ago I woke up with severe pain again, decided to make an appointment with Ryno the stretch therapist, and the decision was made to go for stretch therapy. After 12 rehabilitation sessions I was pain freeā€¦I could walk for longer distances, sit for longer periods of time at the office ,drive and reach far destinations without pain, and could sleep without waking up with hip or lower back pain.

We are currently on a maintenance flexibility and strengthening programme, and this now to me became a way of life. The idea of surgery in my mind is gone!! I never knew that by stretching and to isolate certain joints and muscle groups, that you can obtain these results.

My husband mentioned , that when Ryno is busy with the stretching, I look like a pretzel! Thank you Lord for blessing Stretching SA with this gift.

Ina Els

Hip replacement