I am a 61 year old female qualified Occupational Therapist, with a strong family history of Osteoarthritis.

Roughly 5 years ago my symptoms started in my distal finger joints and gradually worsened to such an extent, that I decided to seek professional help from a hand surgeon. I presented to him with “trigger fingers” in my thumbs which he subsequently surgically corrected. He suggested to me that I would in all likelyhood need further surgery to my other troublesome joints.

My symptoms of Osteoarthritis progressively worsened over time and the constant discomfort due to inflammation, swelling, disfigurement and redness became more worrisome.

I then learned through a friend of Stretch Therapy, which up to that time had been an unknown modality of treatment to me and I decided to give it a try, as I had nothing to loose.

I was then introduced (10 months ago) to Ryno van den Berg (Stretch Therapist at Stretching SA Pretoria East)  and during consultation he suggested that this modality of Therapy could be beneficial. Since then I have received treatments twice weekly for 6 months after which the intervals were reduced to once weekly. I can state firmly that I have experienced a radical improvement of my symptoms (discomfort, swelling, redness, stiffness etc.) and the size of the nodules as well as disfigurement seem to be less obvious.

I am inclined towards conservative rather than radical Therapeutic options wherever feasible and have also made use of additional natural medications (Plasceline and collagen substitution)

I am thankful to Ryno for his professional help and sensitive way of helping patients. I am convinced that we have achieved the objective of at least deferring further possible surgical interventions.

“A healthy mind houses a healthy body”

Isolde Boezaart