Always the cynical when it comes to doctors, and then I took the number from a friend to contact Ryno from StretchingSA. Twenty years ago I injured both my knee ligaments with “cheese and wine” league hostel rugby. Being young and tough I did not take care of the injury and treated it properly. So for many years I had to live with on and off pain in my knees. The pain limiting my activity levels and involvement with sports that I would have liked to do.

With my first appointment the process was explained, and I realised that it will not be a quick fix. What I liked is that I won’t go under the knife to be fixed. That said , that there would be some pain involved as part of the process, but it was worthwhile to endure. After the first four sessions I could feel a difference and a couple of weeks into the rehabilitation I could actually wrestle with my boys without my knee hampering the fun.

Stretching SA helped me recover from an injury I had for decades and the methods and maneuvers been used was focused on my problem area and not a generic one solution for all approach. Thank you Ryno for helping me back on my knees again. I will recommend this approach to improve, recover or support all levels of athletes and individuals.

Jaco Maartens

Estate Agent