Hi my name is Janine and I am a 53 year old female. I have never been formally diagnosed by a medical practitioner but my general symptoms include fatigue, muscle pains throughout my whole body, muscle stiffness, mild feelings of depression, hopelessness and a lot of frustration. The symptoms of mild depression and hopelessness are caused by my inability to do any normal activity, gardening, hanging up washing, doing dishes, taking a walk on the beach etc, without experiencing a burning pain sensation in my muscles that are being used for that specific task. Any mild pressure on my muscles (even just with my fingertips) is painful, almost like my muscles are constantly bruised. Sleeping to long in one position and I’ll wake up with pain, causing a lot of interrupted rest. I have had this condition for the past 10 years.

Trying various other treatments in the past, by last count it was 8 different treatments at 8 different practitioners (that’s how desperate I am to heal my condition). Some with mild improvement, one with excellent results – but unfortunately the women had to go back to Austria, and other treatments actually aggravated my condition. But that’s enough about me. The reason I am writing this today is to encourage you to read up on the benefits of StretchingSA’s stretching techniques and how it can benefit you. You don’t necessarily need to have a severe condition, like mine to be treated by a StretchingSA practitioner. This technique is for anybody who wants to improve their overall wellbeing.

I saw the advert of StretchingSA on facebook, accompanied by a full explanation on the benefits of the StrecthingSA technique on the body. I started my first stretching session on the 14th of January 2021 and am still being treated once a week. I am into my 7th treatment session and WOW what a difference in my symptoms and overall muscle condition. My therapist, Hayley, is the most amazing, well trained and patient (and funny) StretchingSA therapist. She is well educated in her field and will always guide and inform you throughout each and every stretching technique. She is an absolute GEM. You will never regret the day you’ve made an appointment with her.

Please do yourself and your body a big favour and make an appointment with your nearest StretchingSA therapist today.

Janine Nicholas