I have been a patient of Ryno from 2016. He has always helped me with total flexibility of my body, especially my hamstrings, hips and neck.

I started struggling with severe shoulder pain from January 2017.

Upon taking an MRI scan, it was discovered that I not only have a problem with my shoulder, but also bulging discs at C5 and C6 most probably obtained from an earlier motor vehicle accident. This caused severe neck pain and stiffness.

After my shoulder was conservatively treated by my Orthopaedic Surgeon for 6 months, it was decided that surgery was needed due to the fact that a nerve was pinching in the shoulder socket, causing severe bursitis and numbness in my fingers and constant pain over my tricep.

Unfortunately, the rehabilitation did not go as smoothly as planned.  I struggled with mobility in my arm and developed a frozen shoulder 6 weeks after surgery.

I was then manipulated under anaesthetic which helped, but I still struggled with total and comfortable mobility in my arm.

I started treatment with Ryno shortly after the manipulation and to be honest, I was in pretty bad shape concerning my neck as well.As a result of both conditions, stiffness also occurred in my trapezius area causing the blockage of proper blood flow.  When I started with Ryno I couldn’t bend my arm properly to the back to reach the middle of my upper back, neither could I move my arm to the side when holding my elbow close to my body. As a result of trying to protect the shoulder, the stiffness in my neck and clavicle area was at its worse.  When Ryno stretched my neck to the front, I couldn’t even feel anything stretching down my back.

It was hard at first, but with Ryno’s motivation, patience and immaculate attention to detail in his therapy, every stretch was getting us closer to a win.

With the progressive treatment, I can now feel the stretch going down my back, having no blockage or stiffness. Ryno also assisted me with exercises to strengthen my neck muscles, which helped the pain subside completely.

After completing 12 sessions with Ryno I can proudly and boldly say I now have full mobility in my shoulder, moving very comfortably in all directions.

I am extremely satisfied with the therapy and can safely say that all my expectations have been met.  I am continuing with maintenance and will do so to keep my body conditioned and injury free.

I would strongly recommend Stretch Therapy to anybody struggling with not only stiffness, but inadequate mobility of the joints and pain. The Stretch Therapy didn’t only help me regain my suppleness, but also strength and confidence to move and get my arm back into top form.

Thank you Ryno for your attention to detail, special and personalized care to your patients and most of all, thank you for the patience and motivation. Doing life, and hair, is so much easier and enjoyable now.

Jeanette van Tonder