In June 2020 I became the victim of covid. Within hours I was admitted to hospital in a coma. 75 ICU days later I was discharged. Tough for me, I had lost the ability to walk and was wheelchair bound. This struggle included the inability to toilet myself, being dependent upon a catheter and nappies.

My rehab began at Netcare rehab hospital. I have with the love, care and support of my wife continued learning how to walk, adding to that basic tasks too like dressing myself and finding dignity in attending to simple bodily functions.

In this rehabilitative phase which commenced in January 2021, I used happily, the services of a Biokenetisist. These results went a long way towards my healing. I however continued to struggle with very tight and unobliging muscles, where bending, and ambulatory movements were limited and still are.

Fortunately for me, I discovered Lenka van Wyngaardt a Stretch therapist in private practice in Johannesburg.

Competent, knowledgeable, diligent, firm and yet gentle. Everyone who requires rehabilitative therapy deserves to have One such as she! Lenka you have made a world of difference to my damaged body, and soul. I’m very grateful to have found you. I can now walk easily, climb stairs, attend exercise classes with ease & do things I haven’t been able to do in a year & a half.

To you and for you, I wish you all you deserve. You rock young lady.

Jolyon Melville