I am 57 years old and throughout my life I was very active in sporting events such as running, cycling and hiking.  As a result, some of the discs in my lower spine has degenerated, which often lead to severe lower back pain and muscle spasms. I starting seeking medical treatment which included medication, considered surgery and underwent many kinds of conventional treatment. The results was sometimes effective, but only lasted for a short period – I was seeking for a solution that would address the symptom rather than the cause.

During research, I started realizing the importance of stretching muscles to avoid injuries but also treating old injuries.  I learnt that the muscles of the whole body are interlinked and what is causing the pain may be situated in another part of your body – the body protects itself against pain by going into spasm in one part but the reason for the pain might be situated in another part of the body.

I then started looking for someone who would teach me how to stretch effectively and through the website search, Stretching SA came up as a potential service provider. I contacted Ryno van den Berg at the Moreletapark practice and started my treatment with him twice a week. As Ryno treated me we could, in time, determine exactly what was causing the lower back- and neck pain and Ryno could then focus on applying the correct stretching techniques.  What I soon realized is that I will never be able to stretch effectively myself as Ryno has the knowledge and expertise to apply the correct stretching technique, apply pressure that I am unable to do because of my position, and then he knows the angle he should use to maximize the stretching treatment.

 After 3 months of treatment, I can testify that my lower back pain has been treated successfully – I only have some pain when I’ve had a tough day standing for long hours but other than that I know I have found the correct treatment.  From now on, I will visit Ryno once a month or even every second month in order to maintain the flexibility of my muscles. I am truly grateful for Ryno and StretchingSA.

Karen Joubert