I have Lumbar disc degenerations on L2/3, L3/4, L4/5 and L5/S1 levels. These levels also display variation in disc bulging and small herniation on the L3/4 level andthe L5/S1 level displayed a spondylolysis with a spondylolisthesis and higher up T12/L1 had a small herniation.

I have a limbus vertebra also known as vertebral epiphysis; it is a bone trauma in the vertebral body bearing a radiographic similarity to a vertebral fracture. Viewed in a lateral radiograph, it appears as a triangular shaped bone fragment, not unlike an anterior lip fracture, but with softer edges.

My back degeneration is genetic so I have had to live with the problem and work very hard to manage my pain, some days it would be so bad that I would find it difficult to push a trolley at the grocery store.
Throughout the years I have been to many Physiotherapists which have cost me a lot of money, I have had all the treatments they can offer, this helped me but was very temporary for my condition so I would have to go back twice a week, travelling long distances would increase the pain in my back, left knee and left shoulder dramatically.

When I heard about StretchingSA I was not convinced that this is the best option for me, I was very concerned that stretching my body could cause more damage. My husband thought it would be worth the try before I made my long journey to Canada in July 2016. I went to see Hans de Wit in Centurion and later I continued seeing Hans in Hartbeespoort, during our first session Hans did a very thorough assessment on me, making absolutely sure there was no contraindications for a stretch therapy program. He showed me all the compensatory lines of muscle fibers I had, and how my body’s biomechanics was so adapted to dealing with my spine issue, that it became a degenerative issue. I realized how our bodies frequently try to help by compensating but in the end, it only causes more trouble and pain.

When I walked out of my first session with Hans it literally felt like I had been given a new pair of legs and a new back, my first session felt like a miracle cure. I knew that for once I did something that would and has changed my life. I see Hans on a weekly basis and it’s the only thing that keeps me going.
StretchingSA has improved my quality of life; I am completely pain free and have been pain free for 3 full months.

Thank you StretchingSA!

Thank you Hans!

Louise Van Staden