I met Monica 6 months after my back operation. The operation was a success, and my right hand side fell into place as it should, but what I didn’t take into account was that my right hand side hasn’t functioned in 30 years and I couldn’t walk, even with a back support.

My right leg wouldn’t function. I could only walk for 7 minutes and couldn’t stand for more than 3 minutes. 

Monica and stretch therapy changed my life!  After just three months of therapy (my muscles were extremely tight) I can now walk without a back support throughout the school day (I am a teacher) and I can stand for a good half an hour.

I can feel that every session makes a difference.  Monica is an amazingly kind and friendly stretch therapist who has never pushed me beyond my pain levels. I can only thank Monica for how much the quality of my life has improved. 

It is money well spent. 

Magdel van Rooyen