My name is Mark Bojara. I would like to share my testimonial in regards to StretchingSA Pretoria-East Rehabilitation Clinic:

Thank you so much StretchingSA you have changed my life after suffering from a rock climbing injury 2 years ago. I fell 8 meters and  fractured my back. It has been a difficult journey with other forms of conventional rehabilitation that helped to a certain point but my aches, pains and stiffness was reoccurring.

Then I started weekly Stretch Therapy treatments with Ryno and it has been able to give me mobility and huge pain relief. It seems like the reoccurring stiffness and pain has stopped. My testimony is proof that his brilliant work has results for any type of injury no matter the severity, he is very understanding and wholesome person and will take the extra mile to finding a solution for your injuries. It is very hard to find someone who genuinely cares about your health instead of just taking your money and pretending. StretchingSA is an absolute must for any sports, mobility or even old unattended injuries. If you are committed to dedicating time for recovery, you will heal!

I know I speak from someone who thought they would have to live with pain for the rest of their life. It does change, it just needs hard work.

Mark Bojara