Prior to Kingdom Enduro, I was not aware of stretching as a treatment… I am, now, a FAN!!! The event was over 3-days and the stretching definitely helped preventing soreness, stiffness as well as help prep my body well for a race I competed in, in Gauteng a few weeks ago.

I came to see Hayley for a full-body stretch and never felt better. I am not very flexible, but Hayley managed to get me into unheard-of positions, which helped heaps. I would become a regular customer if you had a therapist in the KZN Midlands. I will be sure to contact StretchingSA, whenever racing in Gauteng or Western Cape.

Hayley is a great therapist and will take good care of anyone no matter the problem, in the Cape or wherever she practices. Her personality and compassion are second to none.

Mark Sydney – Enduro Cyclist