My name is Mary, I came over from Colchester in the UK to see my friends in Pretoria for 6 weeks after being diagnosed with right knee medial tibial plateau insufficiency fracture with a background of osteoarthritis and medial meniscus and posterior root tear and varicose veins. My friend kindly booked me in to have a Consultation for Stretch Therapy or more accurately Active Isolated Stretch Therapy with Ryno van den Berg from StretchingSA Faerie Glen and have been attending his clinic every week and have found such a difference even after a few sessions – pain has now gone and I can only say it is amazing the amount of increased motion I now have whilst being therapeutically stretched and the increased mobility I notice afterwards. This has enabled me to go on longer walks and feel more confident managing stairs.

I hope to continue with Active Isolated Stretch Therapy when I return home and avoid a knee operation.