I would hereby like to express my sincere gratitude to Ryno van den Berg of Stretching SA Pretoria East for his treatment of pain and ill comfort from the trapezium bone in my left hand. 

The discomfort started about a year ago with increasing pain in my left thumb and wrist.  I started having trouble using a knife when eating and buttoning my shirt.

Eventually I had x-rays taken and the prognosis was trapezium bone. The only remedy according to the Doctor was surgery to remove the bone with loss of mobility and function of the thumb. 

Ryno was treating me for knee pain and suppleness and he offered to treat my hand as well.  After only a few sessions, I noticed an improvement that continued weekly.  About 4 months down the line I sometimes must stop and think which hand was painful as I no longer experience any discomfort. 

No operation and I can even eat Chinese!

From personal experience, I can strongly recommend the stretching method as administered by Ryno.

Pierre Gouws