I’ve been seeing Ryno regularly since December 2020. I am not an active sportsman and do not have any major injuries but I started realizing that my body is not as flexible as it used to be when I was younger. I drove past the Stretching SA’s Rehabilitation Clinic board in Pretoria East Faerie Glen on my way to work every day and one day decided to give Ryno a call to see if he can help me get some general flexibility back. 

We started with stretching and soon I could feel a difference. When I began the treatment, I could not reach my toes bending forward. After each treatment I could bend a little further. Today I can confidently say that I can touch my toes even before having warmed up a bit.

During my time with Ryno I had a bad fall and injured the ligaments in my knee. I immediately gave Ryno a call and he coached me on what to do to alleviate the pain and avoid further injury. He treated my knee in the coming weeks and it got better with every treatment. I am convinced that the injury would have been worse had I not started stretching with Ryno before I had the fall.

Thank you Ryno for the astounding results and for coaching me to become more flexible. I’m sure I will reap the benefits of the stretching regime and protocols as I get older.

Pierre Jean Marais