The way we grew up and the way I like to go about my busniness is quite normal and active. I would say a typical farmer lifestyle with the only added activity to it quite a bit of driving and also some long haul flying.

I can vividly remember that even up to a couple of years ago, flying to USA would be something I can just get on with and do without even thinking twice. Only more recently it was starting to get to a stage where I would find myself trying to avoid long driving trips or other travels; even participating in moderate gym exercise was becoming more and more of a painful experience. My hips and lower back was constantly in a certain level of discomfort and every now and again my one upper leg would begin to go numb. I also did start to experience some radiation in my shoulders and arms at times, upon which the physio therapist that I was regularly attending suggested to me at a stage to go for a MRI scan and some Xrays; which I did. These revealed that the chronic pain I was experiencing was caused by several different levels of degeneration of my discs and nerves of the spinal cord and also a clear condition of arthroses.

I was quite devastated and did not know which way to go because the doctor I was seeing at this time recommended that I go to a neuro surgeon for an opinion. Thank God for helping me for in that very same period of time, one of my good friends who knew my condition very well, randomly met Rynovd Berg in a business meeting. He said that as he was listening to Ryno explain passionately what he does for a living, he realised that this would be something I would be very interested in, seeing that I always suffer from stiffness and different spasms. He then gave me Ryno’s contact details and I immediately decided to try it out.

I booked my first 10 sessions and after my first 30 min session I decided that this would definitely be something I need to give a serious chance to test the results. I committed to that 10 sessions and another 10 after that which I had both completed with the most astonishing results.

It was such a relief for me that I had such effective results and it was soon no longer necessary for me to be on chronic pain medication. What is the best of all for me is that  I never had to book that appointment with the Neuro Surgeon. I am very confident that if I can continue my maintenance with active isolated stretching I would be able to live my life without being operated on my spinal cord which is the greatest blessing I could ask for.

I want to stretch how impressive this unique form of rehabilitation is for me, seeing that I have tried so many different forms of treatment and nothing ever had the wonderful results that I am experiencing right now. It is such an impressive thing to see how a person’s body can recover naturally if given the opportunity, and this is exactly what Active Isolated Stretching offers to a person. Any athlete with frequent spasms or an old injury that gives them trouble should go to no other place.  Book your 10 sessions now!

Thank you Ryno – what a great relief it has been for me to find something that works this well. I am 100 percent convinced that you are ordained to go from strength to strength with this magnificent practice. Keep on pressing, the best is yet to come!

Pieter Van Zyl

Game Farmer