Three years ago I fell and injured my right knee, resulting in having to go for a knee replacement operation.  I have been on the waiting list for the operation now for a year.  My children who benefits from Active Isolated Stretching (Stretch Therapy) recommended it and booked my first six sessions with Ryno.

After my first 30 minute session I already experienced a difference.  The past two years I suffered with chronic pain. The joint range of motion and flexibility declined drastically, I could not sleep.  Ascending and descending stairs was troublesome and painful.  I could bend and straighten my knee with difficulty and it was an effort getting in and out of a car.  Driving became impossible.

For an extra income I used to do needle work, especially making curtains.  I had to stop, as I could not sit in front of the sewing machine for longer than 15 minutes.  I have been Ryno’s patient at the Pretoria East Stretching Clinic for 10 weeks.  As a Stretch Therapist Ryno is treating my injured knee.  My joint range of motion, flexibility, strength and balance improved drastically.  I sleep without pain. Getting in and out of a car is not an effort anymore.  It is possible to use stairs the normal way without pain.  I started doing needle work again.  I am so fortunate to be treated by Ryno.  The cause of my problem has been taken care of. This made a great change and improvement in the quality of my life.  I can recommend Ryno as Stretch Therapist to anyone suffering with Muscular and joint pain.  Active Isolated Stretching, Strengthening and Balancing is definitely the way to go.

I thank God for this opportunity. Thank you Ryno.

Ria Neethling