I have been Ryno’s patient at the Pretoria East Stretching Clinic for the past 24 months.

As a Stretch Therapist he has treated my chronic lower back pain. I suffered from a herniated disc in my L3 and L4 lumber region with the effects of pins and needles in my legs and also from a very tight problematic left SI-Joint, that affected rotation in my hips, that also caused general musculoskeletal problems. He helped me through an intensive Stretch Therapy rehabilitation program. My Joint range of motion, stability, flexibility, strength and balance improved drastically. I’m so fortunate to have the cause of my problem been taken care of with no pain anymore. I am an avid cyclist and Ryno’s knowledge in the field of rehabilitation and how one should stretch with Active Isolated Stretch Therapy helps me to achieve my personal fitness goals. I have found that Stretch Therapy provides an effective and long-term cure for musculoskeletal injuries. I enjoy engaging in sporting activities, and the knowledge and support I gain from Ryno gives me the confidence to push the limits of my physical abilities without pain.

I would, and often do, recommend Ryno as a StretchTherapist to anyone complaining of muscular and joint pain. I regard him as the go-to guy in this specialised field.

Robert Whitehead