As an Olympic weightlifter, we push our bodies to their limits on a daily basis in order to get stronger, faster and move more weight more efficiently. Olympic weightlifting requires not only strength and speed but also extremely good flexibility and mobility to allow you to catch more than double your own body weight. In order to achieve this, our daily training routine puts a lot of strain on our joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles, causing stiffness, inflammation and pain in some cases.

Unfortunately, however, as an athlete on your own, there’s only so many stretches, other forms or rolling, mobility and flexibility work you can do. I have personally been struggling with shoulder injuries and small niggles for over 2 years which caused me to be quote stagnant in terms of my maximum weights lifted for close to a year.

However, since I’ve been working with Hayley from StretchingSAGeorge, receiving Active Isolated Stretching and strengthening, twice a week, my injuries have been erased and my body has been recovering a lot faster between sessions. The treatments have been crucial in returning and improving my injured shoulder range of motion, decreasing pain and inflammation levels and helping me to regain strength and stability in my shoulders.

Since I’ve been seeing Hayley on a weekly basis, I’ve broken 12 South African records across 2 body weight categories and it all boils down to one simple difference…the strengthening work, treatment or injuries and postural alignments she has done over the last couple of months. Thanks to this, I can push myself so much harder, get into better overhead positions with a massive decrease in inflammation and pain levels throughout my body. Isolated stretching and strengthening has made a massive difference in my daily life and I’mextremelygrateful for all the time, effort and superior services provided by StretchingSA George.

Ruben Burger