I joined Monica Niehof’s stretch class about two years ago. I have had neck problems, probably caused by bad posture and lower back and tight gluteus muscle problems which are probably exacerbated by hiking in hilly country. Spending the hour stretching neck and upper body and then focusing on all those muscles you didn’t even know you had in your glutes, hamstrings and calves has made a big difference to my flexibility. My whole body feels tingly after the hour class and I know it has benefited my circulatory system too. Attending the stretch classes on a regular basis has been one of the best things I could have done for my body and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who needs to improve their posture and take care of hardworking muscles.

Jenny Wagner

Retiree and Hiker


StretchingSA Roodepoort Strekklasse by Monica Niehof: Die oefen sessies het my beweeglikheid en stramheid verbeter. Monica het letterlik elke spier geoefen, selfs tone en vingers. Ek kan haar klasse sterk aanbeveel.


Retiree (Ruimsig Retirement Village)


I attended Monica’s stretching class during 2021 and it was really helpful in helping me get going again after having Covid! The classes were small that meant she could give dedicated attention to your needs. I would definitely recommend her classes!

Alison Wilson

Retiree and Medium Distance Walker