I encountered Stretch Therapy approximately a year ago. Before that time I was undergoing what can only be described as an ordinary decline into old age. I took pain tablets daily and sleeping tablets nightly because aches were keeping me from sleep. My physician advised that I stop but could not offer an alternative to allow a pain-free life. I saw Mr. De Wit’s practice as I passed by en route to another practitioner who gives massages in the same building.

If my decline was ordinary, stretch therapy has given me an extraordinary opportunity to rejuvenate my health. A year ago I could hardly reach below my knees, now I can grip under my toes and straighten my legs. Increased range of motion in my shoulders has allowed me to resume swimming which I had previously stopped as it left me aching and often injured. I have not taken a pain-killer or sleeping tablet in 3 months, my energy levels are elevated and the sport has contributed to weight-loss and reduction in blood pressure. There is no doubt that this is a direct result of Stretch Therapy.

I find it deeply unfortunate that this therapy is available only to the wealthy in meaningful quantities. As someone who deals in actuarial statistics daily, there is little doubt as to the benefits of preventative medicine and my physician confirms the improvement in my prognosis. I endorse Stretch Therapy without any reservations and am available to discuss my experience at +27 (0) 72 446 9757 should you wish to enquire further.

Adi-Richard Hazan

Decline into old age