The new StretchingSA Evaluation and Body Mapping Programme are finally here!

The new standard has arrived. Accurate within 1 degree.

With an absolutely new level of assessment and interpretation method, StretchingSA can now offer a fully comprehensive program specifically designed for each and every patient’s personal needs.

Our new state of the art technology together with amazing software has turned the tables in physical patient care and quantification of progress.

Enroll with us today, and change your life forever, the right way.

The Programme

Levels of Flexibility (Arthrokinematics Assessment)

Our stretch therapists will perform an arthrokinematics Assessment (AKA) on the upper and lower body along with their corresponding muscle groups to evaluate ranges of motion and levels of joint mobility.

Levels of Mobility (Osteokinematic Assessment)

To get a more in-depth evaluation of the body’s alignment and future potential for injury, our stretch therapists will perform an Osteokinematic Assessment (OKA) to assess alignment and symmetry in the mobility of the neck, upper back...

Evaluation Process

Our Programme will benefit your Practise