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Throughout our work on numerous athlete’s and patients with chronic pain, it became evident that there should be a system in place how to educate and empower you to do some of your stretching on your own. By learning how to do AIS, you will be able to maintain up to 80% of your own flexibility. And leave me the stretch therapist with considerable less work to do every time the pain comes back!

For only R100 an hour, these sessions will be available at Studio innate in the centurion gate center. Contact for more information.

Active Isolated Stretching(A.I.S) is an important part of warm-up, warm-down, training and rehabilitation. Specificity in your stretching routines are important to achieve maximum circulation, oxygenation, relaxation, lymphatic circulation, nutritional deliverance and tissue elongation.

The process begins with identification of the specific muscles and tissues to be stretched. The opposite side antagonist muscle contract to move the muscles to be stretched. The golgi tendon and myotatic stretch reflexes act as safety mechanisms to protect the tissues acted upon. “No pain, no gain” is a dangerous philosophy. Any program which places the joints, muscles, fascia and other connective protocols will endanger the tissues acted upon.

By attending our group sessions you will discover a variety of detailed specific exercise protocols for Active Isolated Stretching (A.I.S.) that can increase tissue-joint movement and improve physiological function without the pain and injury potential that exists in many programs.

Active Isolated Stretching (A.I.S) is a vital component of injury prevention, rehabilitation, sports training and performance, longevity enhancement and in general a healthier lifestyle.

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