Everything you Knee’d to know!

The knee is often central to the everyday person’s list of complaints: “I could’ve gone pro but I blew out my knee”; “When there is bad weather, my knee acts up”; and the most common thought: “I think I need a knee replacement”.

As stretch therapists, we see countless knee pain-related cases weekly. The knee is vital to keeping your body upright and its clever structure is pivotal to allowing you to take a step. The knee is a complex joint of multiple bones, ligaments and tendons. This complex structure means that there are a variety of injuries or problems that can arise. The most heard of are Meniscus injuries, ACL tears, Runner’s Knee & the dreaded, knee arthritis.

Symptoms of knee injury or issues include pain, stiffness, weakness and decreased mobility. These often significantly impact function, daily activities and quality of life. However, proactive management of these issues through stretching, mobility work and strengthening can reduce symptoms and improve functionality.

It is also important to ensure that your knee mobility and surrounding structures are in good condition to avoid later injuries or issues. Pre-hab rather than rehab is a much easier and pain-free route!

StretchingSA therapists specialise in improving function, decreasing pain and increasing mobility and flexibility using active isolated stretching and strengthening.

Your knees support you, and you should support your knees! Let us help you figure out how to support your knees, combat pain and stiffness and get you feeling like the Bee’s Knees!