If the x-ray says you’re alright, are you?

There are many different types of pain that you can experience. And when you do have a problem, the most probable route for you to take will be to consult your general medical practitioner. He will prescribe you either NSAID’s drugs or send you for an x-ray, or both…

It is understandable that you’ll end up using the drugs as the only cure too your problem, since there was no evidence that anything is wrong from the x-ray. You’re also in doubt of your own mental health, since you have pain and the doctor says you don’t.

Pain can be classified in nociceptive pain and neuropathic pain. But first let’s look at the different causes of pain.

Muscle pain refers to the actual muscle being injured, either torn, ruptured or pulled.

Joint pain refers to an inflammation and/or torn structures inside the actual joint

Neural pain refers to damage to a certain segment of you nervous system

Referred pain refers to pain experienced on a different location than the cause or injury

Tendonitis refers to the tendon being inflamed and painful.

All of these can be experienced in a stabbing, burning, pinching, pulling or numb sensations.

In other words there’s allot that can go wrong even if the x-ray says there is nothing wrong. It is diagnostic tool that is not specifically designed for any soft tissue injuries.

Don’t let anti-inflammatory drugs take control of your life, go look for help with the more alternative methods such as Stretch therapy, physical therapy and chiropractic.

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