Myth…I must always warm up before I stretch, right? WRONG!

Active Isolated Stretching is warming up the muscles by itself. As you work your muscles, you are pumping blood to them and firing them, one at time. As each set of stretches progresses, you gradually increase your range of motion with gentle assistance at the end of each stretch. Each subsequent stretch is a little more elongated, which means the muscle on top of the stretching muscle is firing a little harder. Everything is becoming more efficient and working more smoothly. This is why we recommend an Active- Isolated stretch routine before you begin a workout.

Following a workout, an identical routine can help flush metabolic wastes such as lactic acid that accumulate in a stressed muscle. The gentle pumping action of the routine sends blood to parts of the body that have worked hard. Healing and recovery begin and are accelerated. Range of motion is restored in areas that have been tracked in very rigid and specific patterns – Like running. In this manner, stretching can be used as a ‘cool down’ routine. See more on

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